Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the quality policy of “Quality First and Customer Oriented”, strictly abiding by national laws and regulations on drug administration, stringently implementing various regulations on drug quality management, and carrying out production and inspection in strict accordance with the production process and quality control standards approved by the state and GMP management documents of the company, and therefore, the whole production process meets the requirements of good manufacturing practice.


The company has established a complete quality management system for drug production and circulation, with strict standardized management procedures in place for production, procurement, transportation, warehousing, sales and after-sales service, and all operations are traceable to ensure the healthy operation of the company’s quality management system.


Ø  The company has established a complete quality management system in accordance with relevant laws and regulations such as Drug Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Vaccine Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China, Good Manufacture Practice of Medical Products, and Good Supplying Practices.


Ø  The company has established sound internal management systems for production, quality, safety and circulation, and kept them updated to strengthen the construction of quality management system; set up an independent quality management department and assigned special personnel for quality management to ensure product quality; constantly strengthened the training and assessment of corresponding personnel, and got all employees participated in quality management to guarantee product quality.


Ø  The company has established an electronic vaccine tracing system integrated with the vaccine warehousing logistics ERP system, which is connected with the National Collaborative Service Platform for Vaccine Tracing, realizing the tracing and monitoring of a vaccine in the smallest package unit in the whole process of production, circulation and vaccination.


Ø  The company has established a modern vaccine cold chain storage and transportation system, of which the facilities and equipment used are regularly and strictly verified and confirmed, and to which a temperature monitoring system is installed to record the real-time temperature data in the process of warehousing and logistics to ensure a seamless connection of vaccine cold chain storage and transportation.


Ø  The company attaches great importance to customers’ quality inquiry and feedback, and assigns persons specially for properly handling customers’ quality information. For product quality related feedbacks, special persons are assigned to communicate face to face with customers, to know the status of quality defects in detail and conduct full investigation and treatment in a timely manner.