MSD and Zhifei Renew Collaboration on Vaccines

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On January 21, 2023, through friendly negotiations between the two parties, Zhifei and MSD renewed the agreement on Supply, Distribution and Co-Promotion, which mainly extends the basic purchase amount of five vaccine products licensed by MSD in mainland China based on the previous agreement. During the validity period of the Agreement, Zhifei will continue to purchase HPV vaccine, pentavalent rotavirus vaccine and other agreed products from MSD in accordance with the agreement. The total basic purchase amount of the agreed products exceeds RMB 100 billion to effectively meet the vaccination needs of more people.

Zhifei and MSD have collaborated for more than 11 years. Through years of successful collaboration, Zhifei's service advantages and comprehensive strength have been fully trusted and highly recognized by the market and partners.

Over the years, Zhifei has always been adhering to the purpose of "prioritizing social benefits over corporate profits" and the mission of "safeguard life, deliver health"; MSD emphasizes that "Medicine is for the People not for Profit". Driven by the common mission and responsibility, the two companies have established a deep strategic partnership and introduced five high-quality products, including 4-valent HPV vaccine, 9-valent HPV vaccine and pentavalent rotavirus vaccine, into the market to continuously meet the vaccination needs of the public. Together, they have created good social benefits.

Particularly, in recent years, the two sides, unfearing new challenges and problems, spare no effort to increase supply and procurement, overfulfilled the basic procurement goals, among which the HPV vaccines have met the vaccination needs of more than 30 million women, making positive contributions to the prevention of cervical cancer and other diseases in Chinese women.

In the future, Zhifei will continue to adhere to the two-wheel drive of "technology & market" and bravely shoulder the mission and responsibility of serving people's health and needs. Meanwhile, adhering to the innovation strategy of "Primary In-house R&D, Complementary Cooperative R&D, Supplementary Investment & Incubation" and the development idea of "Project Source Internationalized, Project Selection Precised, Project Development Pipelined, Project Production Localized", we continue to optimize the platform support, strengthen product R&D, create high-quality varieties, and enhance the innovation capability. The company will also continue to strengthen the construction of the marketing team, constantly improve the capability of the marketing team, make detailed and satisfied marketing services, through the extensive coverage of the sales and distribution network, to enable more people to benefit from our high-quality products, safeguard people's health, and contribute to the construction of "healthy China" and the development of China's public health enterprise.