ZhiFeiShengWu and Cytiva Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement to Further Cooperation

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On November 8, 2020, at the Third International Import Expo 2020 held in Shanghai, China, Zhifei and Cytiva formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to further deepen cooperation, conclude a comprehensive strategic partnership, and open a new chapter in biomedical innovation cooperation.


At the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation, Yu Lihua, Cytiva’s General Manager of Greater China, said: “China is one of the most important and strategic markets of Cytiva. For many years, Cytiva has been deeply engaged in the Chinese market, and continues to put innovation-driven R&D results into the products and services. Cytiva and Zhifei have a good cooperation foundation. Taking this China International Import Expo (CIIE) as an opportunity, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement to realize cooperation and upgrade. In the future, we will carry out all-round cooperation in production equipment research and development, material supply, after-sales service, personnel training and exchange, and project research and development, so as to jointly accelerate the development of China's vaccine industry, accelerate the growth and innovation in the field of biomedicine, and achieve new breakthroughs!”


Mr. Jiang Rensheng, Chairman and General Manager of Zhifei, said, “We are grateful to Cytiva for providing great help and support to Zhifei for a long time, and the deep trust and friendship between the two sides is a solid foundation for moving forward together. While deeply cultivating the field of vaccines, Zhifei continues to promote the development of therapeutic biopharmaceuticals such as antibodies, insulin and cell therapy. It is hoped that through this sincere cooperation with Cytiva, we can deepen innovation in the field and actively explore the international cutting-edge development level of biomedicine. In the future, we will enter a deeper and broader stage of cooperation, which has a broader development prospect!”


Cytiva is a major supplier in the field of life sciences, dedicated to promoting and accelerating the development of global medical care. With more than 7000 employees in more than 40 countries, Cytiva has a comprehensive product portfolio covering instruments, consumables, digitization and enterprise solutions. As a trusted partner, Cytiva helps customers improve the speed, efficiency and ability in research and production process, and empowers the development and production of innovative drugs to benefit patients all over the world.

Zhifei is a biological high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales, promotion, distribution and import/export of vaccines and biological products, and its main human vaccine is one of the seven national strategic emerging industries with broad development prospects. Adhering to the vision of “Social benefits go before corporate profits” and the core values of “six firsts and six secondaries”, Zhifei takes improving the national awareness of health prevention as its own duty, and has successively introduced more than ten kinds of vaccine products for preventing various diseases into the market, bringing health gospel to the people.

In the future, with Cytiva's excellent product technology and service, Zhifei will further promote many R&D pipelines such as human vaccines, human therapeutic antibodies and cell therapies to accelerate the clinical application, achieve commercial production, develop safer and effective biopharmaceutical products, and strive for the cause of human health as soon as possible!