The Cooperation Signing Ceremony Between Zhifei Longcom and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center

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On the afternoon of December 18, 2020, the signing ceremony of cooperation between our wholly-owned subsidiary Anhui Zhifei Longcom and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center was successfully held. Zhu Tongyu, president of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center; Xu Jianqing, president of Institute of Translational Medicine; Jin Xia, director of Vaccine and Immunization Research Center; Zhou Dongming, distinguished professor of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center; Jiang Rensheng, the Chairman and General Manager of Zhifei; Li Wanjun, Chairman of Anhui Zhifei Longcom, and other senior and middle managers attended the meeting to witness this historical moment. Yang Shilong, deputy general manager of Anhui Zhifei Longcom, presided over the signing ceremony.


At the signing ceremony, Jiang Rensheng, chairman introduced the relevant situation of both parties. At the same time, he said that Zhifei cherishes this cooperation opportunity and is full of confidence and expectation for the future development. He hopes to take this opportunity to lay a good foundation for deeper and broader cooperation between the two sides in the future, and jointly develop more safe and effective biomedical products to bring gospel to human health.


President Zhu Tongyu said that through this signing, Shanghai Public Health Center and Zhifei have reached project cooperation for the first time. He hopes that the two sides can carry out more in-depth and comprehensive cooperation in the future to truly create a good ecological chain of medicine, education, research, and transformation.


Afterwards, Professor Jin Xia and Professor Zhou Dongming introduced the project successively. Professor Jin has been studying dengue fever for 15 years and has rich experience. He said that through this cooperation, he will explore the feasibility of tetravalent dengue vaccine on three platforms: mRNA, recombinant protein and recombinant chimpanzee virus vector in the future. The chimpanzee adenovirus vector platform developed by Prof. Zhou has obvious advantages and is an ideal and promising vaccine vector.

Zhifei Longcom and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center have complementary advantages and strong cooperation. This partnership marks a solid step in the cooperation between the two sides. It is hoped that fruitful cooperation will be born at the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan period, which will contribute wisdom and strength to the development of China's medical and health undertakings.