Unveiling Ceremony of "Hunan Province Vaccine Clinical Trial Demonstration Base" Held

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On the morning of August 10, the unveiling ceremony of Hunan Vaccine Clinical Trial Demonstration Base jointly constructed by Hunan CDC and Zhifei was held in Xiangtan County CDC, Hunan Province. Li Junhua, deputy director of Hunan Provincial Health Commission, Li Wanjun, chairman of Anhui Zhifei Longcom, Pu Jiang, general manager of Anhui Zhifei Longcom, Li Rongcheng, senior consultant of Zhifei, and other leaders and experts, as well as Xiangtan County CDC team members attended the ceremony.


Xiangtan County CDC, as the demonstration base of this joint construction, has quite rich experience in vaccine clinical trials and perfect quality management system, and has trained a group of technical team with professional quality in the practice of several clinical trial projects. In the past five years, it has successively completed clinical trials of vaccines such as influenza vaccine, live attenuated herpes zoster vaccine, and oral hexavalent recombinant rotavirus live vaccine. Director Chen Tianzhu said that the award of the honorary title of Hunan Vaccine Clinical Trial Demonstration Base has brought confidence and motivation to all the cadres of Xiangtan CDC. Xiangtan CDC will go all out with a high sense of responsibility and mission, full of work enthusiasm and mental state to ensure the high-quality completion of clinical trials, so as to make the project affordable to the people and the government's life project, and better protect people's life and health.

At the ceremony, Pu Jiang delivered a speech on behalf of Zhifei. He pointed out that the CDC of Hunan Province has established a good cooperative relationship with Zhifei and maintained close cooperation in immunization planning, clinical research and resource sharing. In recent years, the two sides have cooperated in several vaccine clinical trials. We hope that through this cooperation, both sides can continue to strengthen their cooperation, give full play to their respective advantages and realize mutual win-win and common development.


Li Junhua made important instructions that Xiangtan County CDC could stand out from dozens of vaccine clinical trial bases in Hunan Province and take the lead in winning the honorary title of Hunan Province Vaccine Clinical Trial Demonstration Base, which fully reflects the superb business ability of Xiangtan County CDC. He hoped that Hunan Province and Xiangtan County CDC can make new contributions to people's health in the spirit of science, pragmatism, truth-seeking, innovation and pioneering, and also have high hopes for the construction of vaccine clinical trial demonstration bases.

The formal completion of the vaccine clinical trial demonstration base in Hunan Province will promote the cooperation between all parties, and give full play to their respective advantages in the development of more vaccine products, which will not only contribute to disease prevention and control in China and even the world, but also produce huge social and economic benefits, and promote more and better vaccines to benefit the public at an early date.

Chongqing Medleader Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd. participated in the opening ceremony as the CRO implementation team of vaccine clinical trials. In the later period, Chongqing Medleader Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd. will continue to assist Hunan Provincial CDC and Xiangtan County CDC to build an advantageous platform with the professional, standardized, process-oriented and systematic quality management system.

The ceremony was hosted by Huang Tao, Section Chief of Vaccine Clinical Research Center of Hunan Provincial CDC, and Liu Yan, general manager of Chongqing Medleader Bio-Pharm Co., Ltd.