The Mayor of Hefei City, Ling Yun and the Leaders of Relevant Departments Visited the Company

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On October 27, accompanied by leaders of relevant departments, the mayor of Hefei city, Ling Yun and the leaders of relevant departments visited the company for investigation and guidance. Jiang Rensheng, secretary of the Party committee, chairman and general manager of the company, and other management personnel warmly received them and had a cordial and in-depth discussion and exchange.


At the symposium, Ling Yun emphasized that various departments at all levels in Hefei should strengthen contacts and coordinate cooperation to open a green channel for the development of the company in terms of the entry of foreign talents and the procurement of raw materials, and to promote the rapid construction of the Zhifei Longcom Hefei project, so as to provide support for the COVID-19 vaccine project in Hefei, and to boost the healthy and sustainable and stable development of Zhifei Longcom.


Jiang Rensheng said that Anhui Zhifei Longcom rooted in Hefei, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhifei, has obtained the long-term strong support and help of Hefei Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and has achieved good development in all aspects: its production and operation have been steadily improved, its engineering projects have been solidly promoted, its scientific and technological achievements have been fruitful. The vaccine project in COVID-19, which has received much attention, is also being actively promoted. In the future, the company will further increase its technological breakthroughs, continue to develop and innovate, continue to fully promote the clinical work of the COVID-19 vaccine, and make positive contributions to prevention and control of pandemic and the health of the people.