Zhifei Awarded 2019 Chongqing "Top100 Enterprises"and"Top100 Manufacturing Enterprises"

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In the afternoon of December 13, Chongqing Enterprise Confederation (Directors Association) and Chongqing Federation of Industrial Economics held the 2019 Annual Meeting of Chongqing Entrepreneurs and the Press Conference of Top 100 Enterprises. The conference announced the Top 100 Chongqing Enterprises in 2019, Top 100 Chongqing Manufacturing Enterprises in 2019, and Top 100 Chongqing Service Enterprises in 2019. Zhifei was listed in the “Top 100 Chongqing Enterprises in 2019” and “Top 100 Chongqing Manufacturing Enterprises in 2019”.


Top 100 Chongqing Enterprises and Top 100 Chongqing Manufacturing Enterprises in 2019 were recommended by the competent departments, examined and approved by the Examination and Approval Committee of Chongqing Top 100 Enterprises, according to the criteria formulated by China Enterprise Confederation and international practices. As a large listed biopharmaceutical company at home, Zhifei has always adhered to the tenet of “Social benefits go before corporate profits” and its core value featuring “Six Firsts and Six Seconds”. Upholding the principle of high-quality development under the guidance of new development concept, Zhifei continuously increases research and development investment, expands production scale, strengthens quality management, attaches importance to legal compliance, and focuses on serving the public with high-quality vaccines, to contribute to the cause of national health. As of the end of the third quarter of 2019, Zhifei had more than 2,900 employees, and realized operating income of RMB7.64 billion and tax payment of RMB1.049 billion. 



Taking the awards and honors as the new starting point, Zhifei will continue to focus on medical R&D and technological innovation, actively respond to the new normal of economic development, and proactively implement the new development concept, to make new achievements and contributions to the transformation from “Made in Chongqing” to “Intelligent Manufacturing” and “Created in Chongqing” and the acceleration of economic and social development of the whole city!