Zhifei Listed in the 13th Value Evaluation of Chinese Listed Companies and Awarded Honors

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On August 11, the 13th Value Forum of Chinese Listed Companies and the 1st Forum of Investment Banks Most Respected by Listed Companies were held in Shenzhen. Themed by “Core Assets, Value Leading”, the forum focused on topics such as macroeconomic situation, enterprise development powered by capital, new trends of investment banking development, and released the honorary lists of “Entrepreneurial Leaders”, “Top 10 Management Teams”, etc. 


Adhering to the tenet of “Social benefits go before corporate profits”, Zhifei has been working hard for more than a decade. Zhifei was awarded the titles of “Top 50 China's ChiNext Listed Companies of Best Value”, “Top 10 China’s ChiNext Listed Companies with Greatest Growth Potential” and “Top 10 Management Teams of China's ChiNext Listed Companies”, highlighting the recognition of its outstanding performance and the affirmation of the biomedical industry by investors and the society. In the future, Zhifei will continue to create benefits for society and create value for shareholders. 


More than 500 representatives of listed companies, entrepreneurs and investment bankers were invited to the event after self-recommendation, recommendation by institutions, professional ratings and expert evaluation, as well as verification by Shenzhen and Shanghai Stock Exchanges.