Chairman Jiang Rensheng Attended the Guilin Medical University "Life Library" Opening Ceremony

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On the morning of May 21, 2019, the opening ceremony of a new library named “Life Library” at Guilin Medical University was held on Lingui Campus of Guilin Medical University. Huang Jiacai, Deputy Mayor of Guilin, Huang Zhaoquan, Party Secretary of Guilin Medical University, and Zhang Zhiyong, President of Guilin Medical University, and Jiang Rensheng, Chairman of Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co., Ltd. (“Zhifei” ) attended the unveiling ceremony.

At the beginning of the unveiling ceremony, Zhang Zhiyong, on behalf of Guilin Medical University (“GMU” ), welcomed and thanked Guilin Municipal Party Committee, Guilin Municipal Government, and all the staff who worked hard for the construction and opening of “Life Library”, and extended sincere gratitude and lofty respect to Jiang Rensheng who cares deeply about his alma mater and contributes funds generously.

President Zhang pointed out that “Life Library” is a modern library combining digitalization with tradition, and an important base for campus culture and social culture building. It is of great significance to Guilin Medical University, as an important guarantee for GMU to foster integrity and promote all-rounded development of students, a major impetus for discipline construction, scientific research and innovation, and an important window for publicizing and displaying the spirit of GMU. President Zhang hoped that the teachers and students of GMU will love “Life Library” and enjoy reading to draw vigor from the ocean of knowledge, make continuous improvements and harvest a wonderful life. At the same time, President Zhang advocated teachers and classmates to learn from Jiang Rensheng alumnus who remains true to his original aspiration, full of gratitude.

Chairman Jiang Rensheng offered his sincere congratulations on the opening of “Life Library”, as an alumnus of GMU and a donor of main building of “Life Library”. Jiang Rensheng said that wealth is only the surface of successful entrepreneurs, while the practice of social responsibility is the measure of success. Zhifei Biological always follows the faith of "Working Hard for Human Health", adheres to the objective of "Priority to Social Benefit over Corporate Benefit ", and fulfills the prevention-oriented concept. Furthermore, Zhifei gives play to its own scientific and technological advantages, and takes responsibility for prevention and control of infectious diseases actively. In this way, Zhifei has developed into a large backbone enterprise in the domestic biological products industry. In recent years, Zhifei has been devoted in public welfare undertakings and donated more than RMB 300 million Yuan to repay the society. This inherits the spirit of "Carrying Forward Medical Ethics and Being Good at Medical Treatment" from GMU.

Jiang Rensheng said that it is the duty of each GMU graduate to be concerned with the development of GMU. And he hoped that GMU students make full of the cultural front and “Life Library” truly becomes the second classroom to broaden their horizons, absorb knowledge and complete their studies and an important part of GMU teaching and research, for better inheritance of GMU spirit and culture.

After the opening ceremony, Deputy Mayor Huang Jiacai and Chairman Jiang Rensheng visited the library, accompanied by GMU leaders. Deputy Mayor Huang Jiacai, on behalf of Guilin Municipal Government, raised ardent expectations for the future development of GMU.

“Life Library” of Guilin Medical University broke ground in June 2015 with a building area of 29,000 square meters. The total investment of the project is about RMB 110 million Yuan, of which Jiang Rensheng alumnus donated RMB 50 million Yuan in his own name. After more than three years of construction, the new library is officially put into service today. “Life Library” has a library of more than 1.58 million paper books, more than 4.8 million e-books, and 42 Chinese and foreign language databases. It also has a book self-circulation system and an online public directory inquiry system to satisfy the 24-hour book self-circulation demand of readers. The library is fully covered by a wireless network. It has various functional areas such as reading area, seminar area, information exchange area, administrative office area and technical equipment area. More than 2,000 reading seats facilitate the reading, learning and communication of teachers and students. The planning, design and completion of “Life Library” fully reflect the open, humanized and digital characteristics of the modern library. It is a modern library combining digitalization and tradition, and integrating book reservation, traditional service, digital service and remote service.