Zhifei Attending Promotion Forum on Chongqing as the Pioneer of Opening-up in Hinterland China

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(Chongqing Zhifei Biological Products Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Stock Exchange: 300122), “Zhifei” or the “Company”) On November 5, 2018, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) was launched at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Chongqing delegation, as one of the major missions of the CIIE, went to Shanghai in 33 sub-missions led by Tang Liangzhi, Deputy Secretary of Chongqing Municipal Committee and Mayor of Chongqing. The Mission held the "Promotion Forum on Chongqing as the Pioneer of Opening-up in Hinterland China" on the CIIE, giving in-depth introduction and referral of Chongqing to the participating enterprises, and signed contracts with new partners on site.
Mr. Jiang Rensheng, Board Chairman and General Manager of Zhifei led the Company's management team to attend the forum and the contract-signing ceremony in Shanghai. Witnessed by the officials of Chongqing Municipal Government, Zhifei signed agreements on HPV vaccines with Mr. Joseph Romanelli, President of MSD China, further adjusting and determining combined basic purchase amount of HPV vaccines (4-valent and 9-valent) of Zhifei as a marketing partner. According to the agreement, from 2019 to 2021 the Company will purchase HPV vaccines totaling CNY18.002 billion from MSD.
The partnership between Zhifei and MSD started since 2011 based on the common cooperative willingness and aspirations, i.e. to “cherish the opportunities in rapid industry development, and make more contributions to the public health in China”. At present Zhifei is in charge of the sales and promotion of all MSD's vaccine products sold in mainland China. By diligently fulfilling the contract obligations, Zhifei has been maintaining a benign, healthy and sustainable partnership. On the CIIE Zhifei has signed a cooperation agreement for the following 3 years, which is anticipated to create perfect opportunities for more intensive and extensive cooperation between the two sides. Zhifei will also spare no effort to promote the wide use of HPV vaccines in the groups of appropriate ages, so as to strive to effectively reduce the incidence of cervical cancer among Chinese women, and ease the medical burden of the state.